Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lifestyle : Spring is in the air...

It's officially here!!! The cherry blossoms have all opened and the air smells so crisp and fresh. Yummy :) On the most perfect days, with a little breeze, for a moment, it appears to be snowing... but nope, its the cherry blossom petals falling from the trees :)

Portrait : "Baby Love"

Here's Atti again :) 7 months old, In all his glory... look at all that baby love! So squishy and adorable with those magikal eyes again, I could'nt decide what to post, cuz they were all just that cute, so I posted them all!

Milestone : Jake 8 months

Little Jakey, 8 months later! What a handsome little dude :) Just having a good ol' time watching the passer byers, rolling around on the lushious green grass, happy as peaches! You are such a cutie Jake :)

Lifestyle : Spring into the Capital City

It's SPRING! When the peacocks are showing off how amazingly beautiful they are, you know its Spring here in our Capital City... Very soon, all the swollen buds will be bursting open reveiling to us their stamens, septals & petals and the pollen in the air attracts the bumbling bees.... I love Spring :)

Lifestyle : Atti the wood Sprite

Here's Atti our little woodsprite at 7 months. Our first outdoor mini session with him :) We were just starting to get into our nice weather of Spring, (I should say not so cold weather, but always wet!), so here was our chance to get outside and take advantage of the great outdoors after a whole winter of indoor shooting... Check out this kids amazing eyes! They are absolutely magikal! Its no wonder he's got everyone he meets, wrapped around his little finger. Your in trouble mom & dad! lol.

Newborn : Baby Adam

Baby Adam was THE MOST TINY Baby I had ever seen. He weighed just over 5lbs when I got to have a snuggle with him at 3 weeks and he was such a charmer! Adam was no bigger than a cabbage patch doll I have, but completely healthy and happy :) I loved how tiny he was, I think because my little ham was nearly 9lbs at birth, I never got a chance to see him this little.. C'mon ladies, doesn't he get your womb aching?? lol. Even on our way out, my little Kingpin said "He is the teensiest baby ever!"

Lifestyle : Winter in Victoria

Finally! Onto 2010 posts :) This is what a typical January day in Victoria looks like... Gorgeous! Need I say more? Beautiful views of Mt. Baker from Island view beach, beachfires & weiney roasts, and beach combing! Ahhh.. this is the life :)

Event : Christmas shoots of 2009

By popular request, I decided to set up a Wonderland studio in my living room last season... I must say it was quite a success, alot of fun & alot of work, but worth it in the end :) I loved seeing all the little ones dressed in their best with moms hopes of 'great smiles' ! I didn't post every session, as there were far too many, but to all of you who made it out, I Thank you for your support and hope you all had a wonderful holiday...